Ragging is a horrendous act against the fresher students, and we take these matters very seriously. In the past years, we took stern actions against the responsible students, which made it possible to establish absolute order in the campus.

Our staff are very active in the campus to check for any instances of ragging. We also use the services of many people under cover, to cast a hawk eye over every nook and corner of the college premises. Special care is taken to curb ragging in the sensible places, like canteen, playground, etc. We take every step to make the college premises free of ragging.

In addition to that, the off campus conditions are also scrutinized regularly, to keep off the ragging acts from bothering the fresher students outside of the college. Since the students are susceptible to ragging in places like bus shelters, malls, movie theaters, and other public places, or at the stays of the senior or fresher students, we provide the contact numbers to the new students for informing us about the acts. We respond very quickly, and stop the proceedings as soon as possible.

The campus hostels are also checked for any instances of ragging, and if we get suspicious, then we delve into the matters to know about the facts.

The students who are found guilty of ragging, have to face serious consequences, including the suspension from the college to criminal proceedings in the case of extreme instances.

In order to save the fresher and senior students from the unnecessary wrath of ragging, we emphasize on prevention in the first place. So, we enlighten the students about the ill effects of it, by conducting regular drives about it, and take the necessary measures to improve the friendly nature between the senior and fresher students, thereby preventing this illegal act from happening.

Due to the excellent measures taken by us over years, our campus is free from any kind of ragging activities, which is a morale booster for the fresher students and their parents.


Ragging is termed as illegal by the Supreme Court of India, and it is banned in any educational institution. The responsible students have to face criminal prosecution, and they are subjected to severe consequences. We take up these matters very seriously, and implement all the measures to curb it from the roots in our campus.  For the new students, we have established an anti-ragging cell to help you focus on the academics, and nothing else.


All our students should respect and follow the rules set by the college, else, they are subjected to various disciplinary actions. Ragging is seriously dealt in particular, and we do not provide any consolation to the guilty. This illegal activity is curbed from our campus at any cost, and this may even lead to the permanent dismissal of the students from pursuing any kind of engineering studies.


The responsible students are liable to several penalties, according to the orders of the Supreme Court. The penalty amount varies, and it certainly depends on the level of offence committed by the guilty. In addition to it, they might even face criminal prosecution, which can put them behind the bars. So the students are requested to save themselves from this disgrace, by not indulging in any kind of ragging activities.


We commit ourselves to establish anti-ragging environment in the campus, and for this purpose, we take various measures. We launch powerful missions to hinder the ragging activities across the campus. Also, we organize various programs to improve friendship and maintain cordial relations between the fresher and senior students. This leads to the prevention of ragging activities inside and outside of the college campus.


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