Civil Career Prospects

Civil engineering is the mother of all technical courses. The applications of this stream are quite evident from the Stone Age, along with the mechanical engineering. From the requirement of building caves in those ages, to the buildings, apartments and bridges in this era, the need of civil engineering is in abundance. Due to this impeccable requirement, the civil engineers have numerous career prospects.

Civil sector

There are numerous job roles in the civil sector, as the applications of this engineering are practically everywhere. Building houses and apartments is very common, and it is a regular requirement. Also, the need for bridges, dams, etc. is very high. Hence the civil engineers have good career prospects in the private and public sectors as well.

Mechanical sector

To carry out various functions, the mechanical sector needs the assistance of civil engineers. For example, to carry out the production of automobiles, various platforms which feature all the useful amenities for the mechanical engineers, should be constructed in the factories.

Aeronautical Engineering

The airports and launch pads should be constructed by the civil engineering graduates.

Electronics and communications sectors engineering

The towers and infrastructure required for the electronics and communications projects, are the work of the civil engineers.

Electrical sector

The plants required for the production of power have to be built by the civil graduates.

Nuclear sector

The nuclear plants should be built formidably for the safety reasons, and this process is again carried out by the engineers of the civil department.

Therefore the career prospects for the civil engineers are almost limitless, and further, they can even start their own consultancy services, which have proved to be a goldmine for many graduates.