About Civil Department

Our civil department is aimed to enlighten the students with the core civil engineering aspects and make them proficient.

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The infrastructure required for pursuing civil engineering are provided by us and the students can utilize them to core.

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Departmental Events

The civil departmental events focus on the development of the students in the theoretical and practical aspects.

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Departmental Placements

Our placements provide impeccable employment opportunities to the civil students and promise them with excellent careers.

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  • Vision & Mission

    Our aim is to turn the civil students into fine engineers. They can render their valuable services to the civil sector.

  • Courses Offered

    We offer B.Tech and M.Tech courses in civil engineering. Read more to know about the available specializations and intake.

  • Course Structure

    The civil course structure is based upon the schedule provided by university and the subjects are taught accordingly.

  • Program Outcomes

    The civil program outcomes display the sheer effectiveness of it in transforming the students into excellent engineers.

  • Admission Eligibility

    The candidates who satisfy the criteria set by us and the university are eligible to get admission into the department.

  • Career Prospects

    The career prospects of civil engineers are very high due to the fact that this sector is the oldest and very important.

  • Why CIVIL Course

    Civil course can develop the skills and perception of the students and make them the most potential civil engineers.

  • HOD Profile

    The HOD of civil department is Dr. Gopu Srinivasulu and he has an experience spanning over 13 years. His services are great.

  • Faculty

    The faculty is quite experienced in presenting the topics in an understandable manner and make the students well versed.

  • Academic Calendars

    Dedicated academic calendars are followed by the civil department to conduct the academic activities of each semester.

  • Achievements

    The civil students and lecturers did an excellent job in earning various achievements for the college in the global arena.

  • Alumni

    The civil alumni have the responsible roles of motivating the current students and they excel in this regard.

  • Associations

    We have associations with numerous civil organizations and they can assist the students during the research works.

  • Civil Lesson Plans

    We maintain the lesson plans for the department.

  • Contact

    Have any queries or need any information? Contact us for the required