About CSE Department

CSE department transforms the students into able engineers, in software, hardware and systems administration fields.

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Immaculate infrastructure is available for the CSE students of RGMCET, including the labs, workshops, seminar hall, etc.

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Departmental Events

The events, which are bound to improve the skills and performance of the students, are organized by the CSE department.

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Departmental Placements

The team works for providing jobs for the CSE students, by acting in accordance with the requirements of the companies.

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  • Vision & Mission

    We strive to develop the conceptual and practical skills of the computer students by providing them with rigorous coaching.

  • Courses Offered

    UG and PG courses are offered for the CSE stream. Various specializations are available in PG for the students to prosper.

  • Course Structure

    RGMCET follows the course structure provided by JNTU Anantapur University

  • Program Outcomes

    The exceptional program outcomes of the CSE department are crucial in earning impeccable career prospects for the students.

  • Admission Eligibility

    The students who are good in academics and entrance tests are eligible for getting admissions into our futuristic college.

  • Career Prospects

    This department provides huge career prospects for the students to enjoy fruitful careers and bright future in this niche.

  • Why CSE Course

    CSE course develops the software and hardware skills and turns the students into excellent computer engineers in the niche.

  • HOD Profile

    Dr. J.K. Gothwal with his 14 years of experience in teaching heads the CSE department in RGMCET and leads it efficiently.

  • Faculty

    CSE faculty is the forefront of the department as they are key in transforming the students into fine computer engineers.

  • Academic Calendars

    All the academic functions are organized according to the academic calendars set by us in accordance with the university.

  • Research

    We offer research facilities for the students and faculty to enable them to work on various academic and innovative aspects.

  • Achievements

    Our students and faculty are able to achieve many medals and honors in various global venues proving the college’s prowess.

  • Alumni

    The role of alumni in motivating students is beneficial and indispensable

  • Associations

    To yield excellent outputs in the technical education we have associations with the leading organizations and firms.

  • Blog

    Our blog is an amazing resource of articles for the people who are interested to gain the required knowledge in this sector.

  • Contact

    You can contact us for getting any details about the technical courses or college aspects and we feel happy to serve you.