ece program outcome

ECE Program outcomes

  • They are ready to implement the knowledge of applied sciences, mathematics and electronics in various aspects, and provide viable solutions to the issues. 

  • They can understand the present situations, related to political, economical, societal, social and environmental accurately, and design the products in accordance with them. 

  • They are able to understand the current issues and challenges in the sector, and develop plans and products according to them. 

  • The enthusiasm for organizing and conducting experiments is predominant in the ECE graduates, and they use these processes to get the required values and implement them in deriving the solutions for various aspects. 
  • To select and apply appropriate techniques for the design & analysis of systems using modern CAD tools.
  • They can communicate seamlessly, as they earn excellent oral and written communication skills. This skill is incredibly useful in communicating with the clients, understanding their requirements and issues, and providing excellent customer service. Also, they can communicate with the different people in the organization efficiently, and even work in the international platforms without any issues. 
  • The ECE graduates can work incredibly in teams, and maximize the productivity of the firm. They know the essence of teams for a company, and adhere to the work norms.