About ECE Department

The ECE department specializes in transforming students into professional electronics or communications engineers.

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The required CROs, experiment kits, and many other amenities are provided for the benefit of the students, to assist them.

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Departmental Events

The ECE department’s events are aimed at the overall development of the students, making them excel in their careers.

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Departmental Placements

Campus placements are conducted for the ECE students, to enable them to get into their favorite job roles and build careers.

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  • Vision & Mission

    The graduate students should be turned into fine engineers for the benefit of themselvesand the electronics industries.

  • Courses Offered

    Undergraduate and postgraduate courses in ECE are offered at RGMCET. Further various specializations in them are available.

  • Course Structure

    A well-defined course structure is followed in our collegeto perform the activities with immaculately planned strategies.

  • Program Outcomes

    The ECE program outcomes denote the superior efficiency and skills of the candidates after completing their graduation.

  • Admission Eligibility

    Aspirants who are looking to join ECE stream in our college should have these eligibilities for getting admissions.

  • Career Prospects

    The huge career prospects of ECE are a boon for the graduates in their quests to build successful careers and flourish

  • Why ECE Course

    ECE course develops the abilities of the students in these sectors and offers them with a plethora of job prospects.

  • HOD Profile

    Dr.M.Ramana Reddy heads the ECE department and his 17 years of immense experience has led to excellent results

  • Faculty

    The ECE faculty are the lifeline of the department and they have provided excellent teaching for numerous students.

  • Academic Calendars

    Our academic calendars help us to carry out various academic functions related to the ECE department with perfection.

  • Research

    We encourage the students to participate in research activities related to the Electronics and Communications fields.

  • Achievements

    Our students have numerous achievements under their names in several prestigious local and global platforms in this stream.

  • Alumni

    The ECE alumni are the spearhead of the department

  • Associations

    We have associations with many organizations of the respective sectors for providing various benefits to our students.

  • Blog

    The blog of ECE department is an excellent source of information for learning about various aspects related to the stream.

  • Contact

    Get in touch with us to know more about the departmental features or to clarify any doubts regarding the admission process.