EIE Career Prospects

With huge number of applications on board, EIE is one of the most sought after engineering courses which can offer incredible career prospects for you.

EIE graduates deal with various measuring equipment and control devices, which are used to measure different physical quantities. The need of these devices is predominant in almost any engineering sector, as the machines used in various industries should sense the physical parameters accurately, to work without any flaws. Hence the requirement of EIE graduates is evident in all the sectors, which only secures the future of these graduates by offering them with impeccable career prospects.

They can serve all electronics sectors (like manufacturing plants), electrical industry (power plants, electrical machine production, etc.), steel industry, chemical industries, oil refineries, hardware and software firms, etc. Basically, the EIE students can step into all the sectors where the sensing, measurement and calibration of physical quantities are required.

There are numerous private and public sector companies, which offer them with good job roles. In addition to them, the EIE graduates also have excellent career prospects in the foreign nations, especially in the gulf countries. The salary packages are very attractive for them, but the packages are highly dependent on the merit and talent of the students.