EIE Infrastructure

  • The Department has nine laboratories (premises) and also computer facilities for faculty, staff and students. The laboratories have required equipment and accessories to conduct laboratory classes as per prescribed scheme and syllabus. The facilities are maintained properly and servicing and repairs are executed as and when necessary. The laboratories are extensively used by students of all branches. The facilities available in various laboratories are given under. The labs will be kept opened beyond working hours for needy students.

Department Laboratories at Glance

  • The Department has Very Good Laboratory Facilities to cater the needs of all EIE of UG students.
  • The Lab facilities are also extended to all other Branch students’.
  • Department has Four Lab Premises.
  • The total cost of equipment comes around 1 cores as on date excluding workbenches.
  • Lab facilities are also extended beyond working hours for needy students

Process Control Lab

Analytical Instrumentation Lab

Sensors Lab