eie outcomes programs

By pursuing the prestigious engineering course, EIE, the students will attain sound skills which are a must in the corporate world. Due to the effective preparedness, they can serve the companies incredibly, and even work on the international platforms. After the graduations, these students can:

Program Outcomes

  • Understand the concepts of instrumentation well, and identify the need for the application of these concepts in various industrial sectors.
  • Implement the concepts of mathematics, science, and engineering, in particular instrumentation, and derive incredible results from the particular processes.
  • Organize and perform different types of instrumentation related experiments, interpret the output data, and derive the required results from them.
  • Understand the need to adhere to various constraints related to political, social, economic and environmental aspects.
  • Create the products which are highly effective, and do not pose any threats to human and animal health as well.
  • Work efficiently in teams, as they know the importance of team work very well, and produce tremendous results for the firms.
  • Communicate orally and in writing, with high standards of English, which can make it easy for them to work in the global arena.
  • Create various products to provide effective solutions for the issues in various industrial sectors.