English Department

  • about English Department

    Goal is to imparting effective language skills and human ideolgies.

  • Vision & Mission

    To develop the students to meet the Global milieu

  • Hod Profile

    G. Vasista Bharghavi has been teaching courses on Communication Skills and Soft Skills

  • Department Faculty

    The faculties have vast experience both from Industry & Academics.

  • Department Infrastructure

    Department has centralized computer center excellent and well-equipped

  • Department Events

    Activities like symposiums fest National & International seminars conducted

  • Department Achievements

    We organized seminarspaper presentations Publications and technical quizs etc

  • Research & Publications

    providing opportunities and resources to its faculty and students fo research and development

Board of Studies 2015 -17

Chairman – Dr.Suneetha. Y

University Nominee: Dr. G.M .Sundaravalli, Professor in English, SV University, Tirupati

Subject Expert I (External): Dr. K. Madhumurthy, SKIT, Sri Kalahasti

Subject Expert II (External): Dr. R. Manjula Reddy, Department of English, JNTU, Ananthapuramu

Internal Members:

G. Vasista Bharghavi, Asst. Professor, Dept.of English, RGMCET

Mr. P. Kousar Basha, Asst. Professor, Dept.of English, RGMCET

Dr.G. Vasista Bhargavi, Asst. Professor, Dept.of English, RGMCET