G. Vasista Bharghavi, HOD & Assistant Professor

  1. Vasistha Bhargavi(Head & Associate Professor)

School of Humanities and Social Sciences

RGM College of Engineering and Technology

Email: vbvasishta [at] gmail.com, Phone: 91-9491527020



  • Language inEducation
  • Postcolonial Literature
  • Indian Writing in English
  • Interdisciplinary



  • PhD (2014), in Postcolonial Literature, Department of English SV University, Tirupati-India
  • MPhil (2008) in Postcolonial Literature, Department of English SV University, Tirupati-India
  • MA (2005) in English Literature, Department of English SV University, Tirupati-India
  • BA (1996) in English Literature, Besant Theosophical College, Madanapalle-India.
  • PGDTE (2013) English and Foreign Languages University, Hydearabad-India.



  1. V. Bhargavi (2017) “A Subjective Examination of Implicit Root Stereotypes of STEM Disciplines ”, ?Engineering Education for Smart Society a book project, (Selected Papers from the WEEF & GEDC  2016??Conference),??Publishers:??Springer.


  • Wole Soyinka’s The Road: The Drama of Existence in a Wide Cultural Perspective and with Poetic Overtone” IUP Journal of English Studies, Sep. 16 Issue (In Print) ISSN: 0973-3728 – (Scopus)


  • Portrayal of Traditional Patriarchal Values in Dattani’s “Dance Like a Man”CONTEMPORARY DISCOURSE: A Peer Reviewed International Journal ISSN 0976-3686, (print journal established in 2010) Volume-6, Issue-2, July 2015, pp.87-91 (a journal by Higher Education Research Society of India) UGC approved journal
  • Project Based Learning of Speaking Skills in Improving the Language Learning Skills of Rural Engineering Graduate Students, Journal of English Language and Literature, ELT@I Tirupati Chapter, Apr, 2015/Vol2/Issue. 1, PP. 49-53.


  • The Use of Non-verbal Theatrical Techniques in Soyinka’s Plays. The Criterion : An International  Journal in English. 5, Issue II.  April 2014. – ICI- UGC approved Journal.


  • The Depiction of the Yoruba Ritual Dramatic Techniques in Soyinka’s Death and The King’s Horseman. IJHEPS™ SJIF: 3.533 /June. 2014/. Home Page : ijheps.org. Year 2014/Vol. 2/ Issue. 8,  P.146-149.  UGC approved journal

Conference Papers


  • Alexandra Fuller’s Don’t Let’s Go To The Dogs Tonight: A Study Of History Through Memoir, ICITELL, VIT Conference Proceedings,  August 2016, Pp. 567-  570, ISBN: 9789386176189






  • Assessing First Year Students’ (Freshman) Attitude Towards eLearning — A Motivational Approach” International Journal of Engineering Technology, Management and Applied Sciences, www.ijetmas.com, May 2017, Volume 5, Issue 5, ISSN 2349-4476. Pp: 302-7 UGC approved journal


  • The Marxist Analysis of Manjula Padmanabhan’s  “Lights Out”, International Journal for Intersectional Feminist Studies, Vol.3, Issue:1, April ‘2017. Published by Monma Research project, https://ir.canterbury.ac.nz/handle/10092/13345 (University of Canterbury repository)




  • Presented a paper on, ?“Restructuring Electrons, Atoms and God– Are There Links Between Science and God” in an International Conference on Science and Spirituality in Literature, Shri  Shakthikailash??Women’s??College,??Salem,??Tamilnadu,??during??29th??July,??
  • Presented a paper on, “?Adichie’s “Americanah”: A New Diasporic narrative on Self-actualization”, ? in an International seminar on Socio-Political Issues in Modern English Writing,??Rameswar??Mahavidyalaya,??Muzaffarpur,??Bihar,??during??25th??&??26th??Mar,??
  • Presented a paper on “?Alexandra Fuller’s Don’t Let’s Go To The Dogs Tonight: A Study Of History Through Memoir” in an International conference on innovations in the teaching of  English??language??and??literature,??at??School??of??Social??Sciences,??VIT,??during??12??&??13??Aug??2016???.
  • Presented a paper on ?“Automatic Generation of Context Sensitive Dictionary Using Computational Linguistics Approach” ? in 2?nd iCATccT – 2016 at SJB Institute of Tehnology,  Benaluru,??during??21?st???–??23?rd???July,????ISBN:??978-1-5090-2399-8/16/2016
  • Presented a paper entitled, “?”Modern Indian English Drama: A Historicist Reading of Selected Plays” in A Three Day National Literary Conference & Fest, sponsored by ISCS at KL University,??Vijayawada,??during??28-30??Mar,??
  • Presented the paper title, ?Project Based Learning of Speaking Skills in Improving the Language Learning Skills of Rural Engineering Graduate Students? , in ELT@I Tirupati Chapter 3?rd Annual   International Conference on Teaching English Language and Literature: Challenges and  Solutions,??24?th???&??25?th???Apr,??
  • Presented the paper title ?Myth and Songs in Postcolonial Theatre: Wole Soyinka’s The Road in the National Seminar on New Directions In English Language and Literature held at A N               University,??Guntur,??P.??13th??&??14th??Feb,??2015.
  • Presented the paper?A Keen Insight Into Main Objectives and Approaches to Meet the Challenges in Teaching English ? , in the International Interdisciplinary Conference on Language, Literature, Cultural??Studies??and??Knowledge??Resources,??Vignan’s??University,??Vadlamudi,??5&??6th??Feb,??
  • Presented the Paper titled?Intercultural Effectiveness and its relevance to Multicultural Crews in Space ? in the International Conference ?: ?Cultural Spaces: Canada and India . held at S.V. University,??????A.P.????2014.
  • Participated in a National Seminar on Vocationalization of Higher Education, conducted in the Besant??Theosophical??College,??Madanapalle,????P.????2008.

Papers Reviewed Recently

Reviewed the paper entitled, “Beckett’s dramatic creatures in the light of Buddha-Dharma between ignorance and enlightenment”.

“Berbera Basing Politics: Understanding Actors, Interests, and Animosities.”

“Faces presenting sadness enhance self-control abilities in gifted adolescents”


Accepted Publications/Conference papers


  • Co-authored a paper entitled “A Preliminary Investigation on the Application of Synaesthetic Learning Pedagogy (SLP)” accepted for presentation at 46th Annual conference of  Southern African Computer Lecturers’ Association (SACLA), proceedings by http://www.springer.comdue in Dec, 2017.


  • Submitted a paper entitled, “Asif Currimbhoy’s “The Refugee”: A Realist Examination” has been received by journal Interdisciplinary Literary Studies: A Journal of Criticism and Theory, on 10th April, 2017. (Under review)


  • Communicated a paper entitled, “An Examination of Multicultural Diversity and Social Cohesion of Adivasi in India”, Littcrit, An Indian Response to Literature (A Literary Half-yearly Since 1975).



I have 10+ years of teaching experience at UG+PG levels. I have taught the following courses at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels (in no specific order of preference). The course syllabi may be provided upon request. Postgraduate level courses reflect my research aspirations as well. Teaching techniques employed include formal lectures using black board, whiteboard, PowerPoint slides, discussions & debates and hands-on experience with materials drawn from recent books and papers on research, archival and practical journals.


  • English Literature
  • Postcolonial Literature
  • Indian Writing in English
  • Teaching Methodologies
  • Afro-Diasporic Literatures
  • Interdisciplinary areas to Literature.




Webinars attended

Cambridge English/British Council Webinars for Teachers:


  • “Mooveez: Teaching with feature films made easy” on 24th May, 2017.
  • “Preparing the Learner for 21st Century”, 13th June 2016
  • “Assessing reading comprehension with tips for classroom practice” on July 15th 2015
  • Engaging parents in their children’s language learning”Monday 21 September  2015

with tips for classroom practice


  • Research Methodology: A Course based on “Research Seminar in Educational Sciences” by Vrije University, Brussel. (On going)
  • Discover your Ph.D Potential, University of Leicester, Sep, 2017
  • Teaching for Success: Lessons and Teaching, British Council. 2016
  • “Professional Practices for English Language Teaching”, British Council, Completed on Sep30, 2015.
  • “Developing Your Research Proposal”by University of Southampton. Completed on Oct 5th 2015.




  • Participated in IDA connect Workshops at Didac India 2017, on ‘Introduction to Flipped Learning’ conducted by NIOS, during 19-21, Sep, 2017 at Mumbai.


  • Participated in IDA connect Workshops at Didac India 2017, on ‘Success Through Education: Thinking During Well Being and Learning” during 19-21, Sep, 2017 at Mumbai.


  • Participated in the Workshop on “Self-Awareness and Higher Goals in Education” organized by Centre for Continuing Education, IIT Madras during 29th May-02 June, 2017.


  • Participated in the IATEFL – funded National Level Workshop on Virtual Learning conducted by ELT@I, Tirupati Chapter, on 22nd& 23rd of Jan 2015.


  • Participated in the Two Day Workshop on Creative Communications held on 1st and 2nd 2014 at RGMCET, Nandyal, Kurnool Dt, India.


  • Participated in the Workshop on Formulation of Research and Development initiatives for Engineering Faculty conducted by ESCI.  Hyd. A.P.   2014.


  • Participated in the Faculty Enablement Program on Soft skills conducted by IEG-JKC for 6 days.  A.P.  2007.




  • A one day workshop on “Digital Communication Trends” held on 18th March, 2016, at RGMCET.
  • Acted as a Coordinator for A three day “National level cultural fest” during March, 2014 at RGMCET.
  • A Two-day workshop on “Creative Communications” held on 1st & 2nd Nov, 2014 at RGMCET.
  • Contributed services as a Coordinator for “Professional Communication Techniques”, a 3Day Faculty Development Program (FDP) during 1-3rd Dec, 2016.


  • Organized a Two day Faculty Enablement Program in collaboration with Dept. of Management,  on “Dealing with Millennials”(Understanding Student Psychology” for Faculty of RGMCET on 8-9 Dec, 2017 at RGMCET.


  • A Two day workshop on, “Breaking Patterns: Creating Change” in association with CCDC, Bangaluru on 2nd & 3rd Aug, 2017 at RGMCET for B. Tech graduates.


  • A Two day workshop for Faculty on “Self-awareness: Being Conscious”  in association with People First Consultancy on 18th & 19th July, 2017 at RGMCET.


  • A one day workshop on “Essential Soft skills for Engineering Graduates” on 18th Mar, 2017 at RGMCET in association with Counselling Psychologists Association, A.P.


  • Participated as an organizer in  A One Day Seminar on “Shakespeare@400: An Inner Engineering of Human Values and Ethics” on 26th September 2016




  • Participating as a Professional Organization Chair in 1st IEEE First International Conference on Computational and Mathematical Methods (iCOMET’17) going to be held at RMITU, Melbourne, Australia, during 18th-20th Dec, 2017. http://icommet.net/home.html


  • Participated in as one of the key organisers and as a Publication Chair in 1st IEEE International Conference on Smart Cities (ICSC) at RGMCET, Nandyal during 15th-17th Dec, 2016.




  • Interdisciplinary Member of Postcolonial studies association, University of Reading, UK

(postcolonialstudiesassociation.co.uk) since 2015.

  • Member IATEFL.
  • Life member at Association for Development of Teaching, Education and Learning (ADTEL)






Professional (Education & Teaching) Responsibilities till now:


  • Head of the Department since 1st Aug, 2017.
  • Syllabus designing for Academic Text Books
  • Member in Board of Studies, RGMCET.
  • Cultural Club (Gen-Y) Coordinator
  • Coordinator for Extra Academic Activities (Literary/cultural)
  • Member in Women Empowerment Cell.
  • Editing College Newsletter.
  • Acted as an Internal/External Examiner for Graduates & Postgraduate students
  • Research Supervisor under JNT University; Anantapur
  • Reviewer for National/International Journals