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The essence of a business prevails in perceiving the current market conditions, and deliver the plans for catering the current and future needs. The condition is even more pronounced in the education sector, where the effective ideologies and plans for future prospects are of utmost importance. The excellence in handling the contemporary tasks, coupled with immaculate future plans, can prosper the institution and the students. .

Mr. Raghu Ram Midde, the Executive Director of several educational institutions and an e-Commerce store, is excellent at providing the deliverables for the institutions to make them function in the most formidable ways. He can gauge the necessary requirements, and update the institutions to propel them flawlessly. In this part of the world, where administering even a single institution is an achievement itself, Mr. Raghu Ram takes pride in presiding one medical college and general hospital, one pharmacy college, two engineering colleges, one international school and one public school. He could attain the prerequisites of these institutions and guide them to success. Additionally, a usability rich e-Commerce store is run by him.

His main strength is the ability to assess the amenities required for the educational institutions, like immaculate teaching staff, excellent infrastructure, etc. and arranges them at the earliest. He is also active in adapting creative, futuristic and effective ways, to be on the lines with the trending methods. He can foresee the future trends, and formulate programs to become the earnest in the field, which can benefit by opening up new ways in the future. Due to these effective and trendy strategies, he is instrumental in running the institutions with utmost success, crafting the futures of thousands of students, and providing the country with excellent technical workforce

The hard work, talent, responsiveness and the zest he displays is amazing by any standards, and these qualities have made him the successful business person with multiple facets.

-Mr. Raghu Ram Midde


His reign include the current prospects:

  • Santhiram Medical College & General Hospital
  • Rajeev Gandhi Memorial College of Engineering and Technology
  • Santhiram Engineering College
  • Santhiram College of Pharmacy
  • RGM International School
  • Nandyal Public School
  • Happyroar.com