soft skillsSoft Skills

Soft skills are of prime importance for any technical student, and we even conduct the basic tests to assess the minimum skills required for the students. We provide the coaching programs regularly.

co- curricularCo-Curricular Activities

The co-curricular activities at RGMCET are handled by the respective organizations and bodies. They are organized for the technical, personality and moral development of the students, apart from the academics.

community centreCommunity Centers

SOur community center is an impeccable place for the students to display their skills, like their special talents, interest in public activities, etc. Respective programs are conducted by this center.

art1Arts & Culture

IEngineering students should opt for arts and culture activities for recreational means, since they can improve the knowledge and perception of the students towards various aspects in the society, and turn them better.

The cultural association at RGMCET emphasizes on finding out the students with hidden talents, and chalking out programs to help them display their skills and gain fine exposure in the student and cultural circles.

Cultural AssociationHello Description 1

RGMCET encourages the students to involve in various events and activities related to literary and cultural aspects. The expert counselors in our campus are able to facilitate the students to focus on their areas of interest.

Student AffairsHello Description 2

We provide the students with all the amenities to indulge in the sports and fitness activities. Since the physical and psychological well-being of the students are dependent on these activities, we encourage them to participate.

Sports and FitnessHello Description 3

Students can volunteer for a good cause, and also indulge in fundraising to support the cause financially. It also helps the students in socializing with various sections of people and improves leadership qualities.

Volunteering and Fundraising


The education is great, facilities are awesome and campus placements are there to secure job in the campus itself. Place to earn engineering skills and transform into a true professional. I have experienced


The facilities in RGMCET are amazing. My friends who are studying in other engineering colleges, are awestruck by the amenities we enjoy.


I like the teaching faculty very well because they are friendly with the students, and talented in making us understand about the engineering aspects.


The campus placements at RGMCET are very good. MNCs and big corporate companies conduct interviews here, and provide excellent opportunities.


The college is excellent, as it provides good faculty for teaching us and advanced infrastructure to prepare well for the academic examinations.