Our Faculty – Our Strength

The faculty at RGMCET elude exceptional teaching skills, which can transform the students into desirable professionals, who can render high quality services in the corporate world. In fact, our old students are grateful to the lecturers for the very same reason.

The engineering subjects are vast, and they demand in-depth analysis for gaining perfection in them. Our teaching faculty are excellent at that, and they have extensive knowledge on various technical aspects. So, they can present a wide variety of topics to the students, assisting them in gaining perfection in the academics.

Apart from the extensive knowledge, our lecturers have innate teaching talents, which are crucial for presenting the topics to the students in an easy to understand manner. Due to this reason, they are proficient in turning the rural and semi-urban students into a gem of professionals, who can provide excellent services to the global corporates.

In addition to the teaching skills, the lecturers are good at incorporating practical skills in the students. They make the students understand the practical topics, and train them to indulge in different kinds of experiments. They also encourage them to participate in various events, which display their mettle in the research activities. As a result, the students are good at the practical application of theoretical aspects, which is a boon for any industry.

Thus the role of our faculty is indispensable in chalking out successful careers of our students, and making the college proud about the academic performances and successes of the students.


The teachers at RGMCET are exceptional, and they form the building blocks for the careers of our students. The teaching faculty provides the students with the required technical knowledge, to assist them in flourishing in any engineering discipline.


FDP are organized for the technical and professional development of the lecturers. The top most people, who are immensely successful in their verticals, are invited to our college for enlightening the lecturers, and  to the betterment of the education quality.


The curriculum and pedagogy of RGMCET are developed by the teaching faculty, and they are crucial for determining the commencement of various academic aspects, and the teaching methods required for effective educational service.


These committees emphasize on the development of teaching skills regularly, and they provide the required support to the lecturers in mastering the art of teaching, thereby increasing the quality of education by multiple folds.


The education is great, facilities are awesome and campus placements are there to secure job in the campus itself. Place to earn engineering skills and transform into a true professional. I have experienced


The facilities in RGMCET are amazing. My friends who are studying in other engineering colleges, are awestruck by the amenities we enjoy.


I like the teaching faculty very well because they are friendly with the students, and talented in making us understand about the engineering aspects.


The campus placements at RGMCET are very good. MNCs and big corporate companies conduct interviews here, and provide excellent opportunities.


The college is excellent, as it provides good faculty for teaching us and advanced infrastructure to prepare well for the academic examinations.