IT – Career Prospects

IT engineering opens the doors for various career prospects, which build strong future for the IT graduates. The impeccable prospects include:

 Applications Developer

The need of software applications is on rise, and there are numerous companies which need different types of applications, to carry out various activities. So, the requirement is huge, and it has led to the demand for Applications Developers.

Good pay scales are offered for these job roles, and there is a huge growth scope in them. The prominent companies in this niche are Cognizant, Infosys, TCS, etc.

Software Tester

After creating the software applications, they should be tested to find out if they are working seamlessly, or if there are any bugs. For this purpose, Software Testers are required. The IT graduates are appropriate for these job roles, and they get good salary packages for their services.

 Web Designer and Developer

Due to the advent of internet, it became necessary for the companies and institutions to have their own websites. For this purpose, the services of good web designers and developers are needed.

A web developer creates a website on any software platform, while the web designer accentuates the visual appearance of the website, by using images, graphics, etc. wherever needed.

Due to the huge requirement of websites, the demand for these job roles is very high, and the salaries too, are quite decent to start with.

Games Developer

Video games are liked by people of all ages, since they have incredible fun by playing them. Hence, the requirement for games is high, considering the fact that people look for new games or new versions of the existing games continuously.

But, creating a game is no joke, and it requires a lot of talent. The IT graduates are eligible for the Game Developer roles, because they have the required skills to create exciting games.

The career prospects are very huge in this industry, and the salaries are amazing to say the least.

Also, there are other career prospects too for the IT graduates, and in general, they are suitable for all software related job roles. There is a huge scope for growth too, in this industry.