it outcomes program

The program outcomes of IT engineering guarantee the graduates with excellent careers ahead.

After graduation the IT graduates can

  • Apply the aspects of engineering, mathematics and applied sciences in the Information Technology sector, and derive very effective results.
  • Understand the Information Technology issues, comprehend and analyze them, and use various related techniques to derive the required solutions.
  • Create the products related to Information Technology, which comply with the cultural, societal, environmental, and health of the individuals.
  • Understand and follow the responsibilities, which are related to social, legal, professional, ethical and security aspects.
  • Use various advanced tools and techniques in the market, to handle and carry out the tasks related to IT sector, without any issues.
  • Design, test and implement the required computer programs, according to the requirements of the clients.
  • Analyze the impact of global trends on computing and the related aspects.
  • Communicate seamlessly with the audience of non-technical and technical backgrounds.
  • Work incredibly in teams, and understand the essence of team work. They give preference to performance in a team than the individual interests.
  • Indulge in professional development continuously, by learning new aspects during the lifetime.

Practice User-centered Design and Development

  • Identify needs, analyze tasks, and develop profiles of users
  • Develop and evaluate effective user interaction designs
  • Practice user-centered design development and deployment
  • Evaluate usability of an application
  • Able to understand and solve mathematical models, tools and techniques in IT and Computer
  • Provides basic programming skills in C including the Development of algorithms, flow-charts. “will be able to develop simple algorithms and implement them” Also usage of data structures efficiently , Drawing skills and imagination capability
  • Programming using C and using different data structures efficiently
  • h) Ability to identify the hardware components and solve simple hardware errors. Usage of internet and productivity tools like word, excel, power point and publisher

Communicate Effectively

  • Make effective oral presentations
  • Communicate effectively in written form
  • Communicate effectively – information architecture, navigation, graphically and with media

Interact Effectively within the Organization

  • Participate effectively as a team member
  • Comprehend a and apply project management principles

Apply Appropriate Problem Solving Skills in:

  • Web Development
  • Interactive Multimedia Development
  • Software Development
  • Database Design, Administration and Integration

Develop Database Applications

  • Design a relational database
  • Implement a relational database
  • Query a relational database
  • Administer enterprise database systems
  • Secure database management systems
  • Integrate a relational database into applications

Design and Implement internet-based applications

  • Design & implement a website using appropriate design guidelines
  • Understand and implement elements of effective online users’ experience

Understand and use digital media

  • Understand the elements of capturing, editing, and producing digital (image, audio and video) works
  • Integrate digital media elements in presentations and other applications

Implement and Apply Project Management Principles

  • Understand, develop and follow a project plan
  • Develop Gantt & PERT charts and critical path analysis

Describe and Practice Ethical and Professional Behaviors

  • Practice ethical and professional behaviors
  • Explain the rationale for security practices
  • Apply accepted security practices
  • Recognize the need for, have the ability to seek out and successfully pursue continued learning throughout their career
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