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NameDr S.Venkateswarlu
Designation Professor & HOD
QualificationM.Sc. Ph.D


  • April 2013 – Professor, Department of Mathematics, RGMCollege of Engg & Tech (Autonomous), Nandyal, AP, India.

  • November 2009 –  Associate Professor, RGM College of Engg & Tech, Nandyal, AP, India.

  • September 1995 – Assisstant Professor, RGM College of Engg & Tech, Nandyal, AP, India.


  • September 2003 admisson in Ph.D of the area Fluid Dynamics,Awarded in April 2009

         Dissertation: Finite Difference Analysis of Magneto Hydrodynamic            Flows. Institution: Sri Krishna Devaraya University, Anatapur, AP.

  • Jun 1991-1993, MSc., in Applied Mathematics with 63% , Sri Krishnadevaraya University, Anantapur, AP.

  • June 1988- 1991,B.A(MES) with 65%, Sri Ramakrishna Degree College, Nandyal, Sri Krishnadevaraya University.

  • June 1986-88, Intermediate with 56.3% , Government Junior College, Nandyal.

  • April 1986, SSC with 75%, St.Mary Fatima High School, Nandyal, Kurnool(Dt).

Academic Career

  • As Head of the Department take the responsibilities since May 2015.

  • Inspections Participated in AICTE, JNTU, NBA (2 times), NAAC, Autonomous etc.

  • Ratified RGM Engg College (Autonomous) as an Assistant Professor in 2010 by JNT University, Anantapur, A.P.

  • BOS Member for B Tech, II.B.Tech, M.Tech, MBA and MCA of Engineering Mathematics , Probabability & Statistics and Operation Research to the Curriculum development, RGMCET, Nandyal, since 2010.

Teaching Activity

  • 1995      Engineering Mathematics-I for I. B.Tech in Department of Mathematics.  At Present teach I.B.Tech, II.B.Tech in RGM College of Engg & Tech, Nandyal.

  • 1996      Engineering Mathematics-I (I. B. Tech),Probability & Statistics (II. B. Tech)

  • 2006      Operation Research (I-MBA-II sem)

  • 2006       Probability & Statistics(I-MCA-I sem)

  • 2007      Coputatinal Mathematics(M.Tech-ME-I sem)

Research Interests

  • Heat and Mass Transfer, Fluid

  • Operations Research

  • Probability & Statiistics

Journal Publications

  • Ravi, S.Venkateswarlu, T.Jayachandra Prasad and T.SubbaRao, “A Comparative Performance Analysis of low Power Bypassing Array Multipliers”, I.J. Information Technology and Computer Science (IJITCS), MECS Publications Hongkong, Vol. 5, No. 8, pp: 38-45, 2013.

  • M.V.S.S.N. Prasad, P. Sudharsan Reddy and Dr.S.Venkateswarlu, “Hydromagnetic Mixed Convective Heat and Mass Transfer Flow through a Porous Medium in a Cylindrical Annulus”, International Pure and Applied Mathematics (IRPAM), Vol. 8, No. 2, pp: 121-132, 2012.

  • S.Venkateswarlu, Dr.B. Ramabhoopala Reddy and Prof R.Sivaprasad “ Laminar MHD Flow in the Entrance Region of a Plane Channel”, International Journal of Advanced Research in Engineering and Applied Sciences (IJAREAS), Vol.1, No.3, September 2012, pp.16-23.

  • S.Venkateswarlu, Dr.B. Ramabhoopala Reddy and Prof R.Sivaprasad “Laminar MHD Flow in the Entrance Region of an Annular Channel”, IOSR Journal of Mathematics (IOSR-JM), Vol.3, Issue 1, Sep-Oct.2012, pp-40-45.

  • S. Venkateswalu&Dr.K.V. SuryanarayanaRao published a paper on” Finite Difference Analysis on Convective Heat Transfer Flow Through a Porous Medium in a VerticalChannelwith Magnetic Field” in International Journal of Applied Maths and Mechanics, volume (7), pp 74-94,2011.

  • S.Venkateswarlu,Dr.B. Ramabhoopala Reddy and Prof R.Sivaprasad“Finite difference analysis of Magento Hydrodynamic fluid in a vertical channel with plane poiseuille and couette flows” in Global journal of Computational science and Mathematics,Volume1,Number1(2011).pp.65-79

  • M.VeeraKrishna,S.V.Suneetha, and S.Venkateswarlu “Unsteady pulsatile generalized couette flow of a couple stress fluid through a porous medium under the influence of periodic body acceleration” Engineering Today Vol XI, Issued X, Oct 2009.

  • V.Suneetha, Dr.M.Veera Krishna, Dr. S.Venkateswarlu and Prof. .Sivaprasad “Unsteady MHD pulsatile generalized couette flow of a couple stress fluid through a porous medium under the influence of periodic body acceleration” The Technology world vol V, Issued I, Oct 2009

National conferences

  • Dr.S.Venkateswarlu presented apaperentitled”laminar MHD flow in the entrance region of a plane channel”in the international conference of ISTAM.2009at New Delhi.

  • S.Venkateswarlu attended a Scilab India Conference 2014 during 3-4 December,2014 on “Scilab for Education & Scientific Computing” organised by IIT,Bombay in association with FOSSEE and Scilab.

Memberships – International

Life Member in ISTE, NEW DELHI

Workshop/Seminar Participation/ Organizer

  • Scilab India 2-day Scilab India Conference 2014, organized by FOSSEE Indian ,2014Institute of Technology Bombay 3 – 4 December 2014.

  • Participated in Five-Days work shop on “Mathematical Olympiad Orientation Camp” held at Department of mathematics, Sri Krishnadevaraya University, Anantapur, 12th-16st September 2008.

  • Participated in two-Days work shop on “application of mathematical techniques in science and engineering” conducted by VNR VJIET Hyd, 27rd-28th April 2007

  • Participated in Two-Days work shop on “Intelligent Techniques and Their Applications in Engineering” conducted by Department of EEE and Mathematics, JNTU College of Engineering, Anantapur, 14th-15th February 2007

Technical Skills

  • Mathematica Software

  • Matlab

Contribution to Institution

  • Acted as Convener for RGM EXPO -2015, RGM EXPO- 2012, RGM EXPO- 2009

  • Acted as Convener Students sports events in Jan 2015, Jan 2008

  • Conducted a National Level Sports Meet in 2014.

  • Acted as a Coordinator for all events such as sports and cultural activities since 1999.

  • BOS Member in the department since 2010.