MCA Career Prospects

The career prospects for MCA graduates are overwhelming in number, because the computer industry has the requirement of numerous professionals, and Masters of Computer Applications are appropriate for these roles.


The MCA graduates can develop software applications on different platforms with ease, as they are well versed with them in the course itself. Hence, they can get high paying employment prospects in the best companies in the field, like TCS, Microsoft, Accenture, Google, etc.


The computer applications should be tested for accurate functioning, and any bugs should be found out to report the applications developer team. Hence, the role of application tester is very important, and the MCA graduates are incredible for these roles.


Hardware engineers should provide the needed hardware requirements and peripherals for the computers, like processors, RAM, ROM, optical drives, etc. Companies provide incredible chances for the MCA graduates, with excellent salary packages. The big players in this sector are Intel, AMD, Apple, Dell, etc.

System Analyst

The role of System Analyst is to provide the whole computer requirements of the companies, and also maintain the networks, to avoid any crashes which can cost a lot for the firms. Since every company depends on computers to carry out their functions, the need for System Analysts is very high.

In addition to these roles, the MCA graduates are eligible for many other jobs, which are related to computers in any manner. Hence the career prospects for them are incredible to say the least.