mca outcomes

Program outcomes for the MCA graduates are incredible, and they display the preparedness of the graduates to explore various job roles after the post-graduation

Program Outcomes

  • They are perfect in various aspects related to the computers, be it the software or hardware. They can offer incredible services in these aspects

  • They can utilize the knowledge of mathematics, computers and science effectively, and create new products or solve the existing issues.
  • They believe that computer solutions are needed for tackling various issues in the society, and create different applications or services, which can handle these issues effectively.
  • MCA graduates are well versed in creating different programs, and testing them, to find the effectiveness and relevancy of them to the industry.
  • They can understand the client requirements, and perform accordingly, to offer incredible client satisfaction.
  • They are well aware of the challenges and constraints of this sector, and act as per the limitations, to build successful applications and services, which are devoid of any issues.
  • They can work in teams, and deliver their best while doing so. They can handle the work of their teammates in case of any emergency, and handover the projects according to the deadlines.
  • They are fluent in communication skills, which make them ready to work in the global arena.