A young, result driven, self-motivated and resourceful managing director with a proven ability and in charge to lead, develop, motivate and strengthen managing team in the Institution. He is a paramount member in reviewing, refining, developing the strategy and direction of College governing body.

He is Entrepreneurial by nature and able to see the bigger picture and is responsible for the day-to day running of the Institution with a particular emphasis on developing the Institution in a holistic way.

He is involved in planning, organizing and act as a Mentor for Institutional Clubs, Sports and Cultural activities held in the college. He is a good critic of policies and keeps vitalizing them for better future. He is the founder of Santiram Seva Samithi which focuses on Philanthropic works.

He is also the Director of Santhiram Chemicals Private Limited and Santhiram Automotives that prioritized targeted growth in areas such as providing research opportunities, employment and ease at agricultural sector.

-M.Sivaram, B.Tech (IT), MBA