Sports Activities @ RGMCET


We stress upon the upkeep of excellent physical and mental health of our students, and offer gym, yoga and meditation classes, games and sports, health center, etc. for keeping them fit.


Cricket field, Football field, Hockey field, Volley ball court, Basket ball courts(both indoor and outdoor), Badminton courts(both indoor and outdoor), Shuttle badminton, Table tennis, Gymnasium, Indoor games.


The NSS is one of the best unit provided by the college. The college has adopted one of the villages close to the campus and is striving for an all-round development by Techno-innovations.

Sports In-charge

RGMCET’s sports in-charge takes care of the commencement of various sports events in the college. The games and sports, like cricket, basketball, chess, badminton, etc. are supervised by the in-charge

College Sports

The College is encouraging the sports activities amongst the students by providing the infrastructure, coaching facilities, fee concession, free ship, attendance concession (as per the University provisions), and priority in admissions similar to State Govt.

Yoga & Meditation

Physical and mental fitness are instrumental in the prosperity of the engineering students in their academics. We offer yoga and meditation classes to achieve these benefits in our students, to make them successful.

Health Club

Gym with advanced equipment is offered for our students to help them stay fit and healthy. A health center is also provided to assist the students in case of any medical issues.

Hall of Fame

The display of fine abilities in the academics and sports have earned dedicated places for many of our students in the hall of fame. We support our students in achieving these feats.